Bitcoin was the first implementation of the digital currency, known as criptomoeda, initially published in 2008, by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

They are totally decentralized virtual currencies, which characterizes the absence of a regulated monetary system without submission of a financial authority. They have an encrypted code to guarantee greater security in transactions, which are carried out virtually, through a purchase, sale or transfer process.

Bitcoins are accepted in almost 11.5 thousand establishments in the world, and in approximately 150 in Brazil, until January 2018.

Blockchain has a complex technology, but its concept is quite simple. The information is stored in blocks of data, like a reason book, available to all users. Each block contains a digital signature. When a new block is created, its own signature and that of the previous block is loaded. This system is used to confirm and store transaction data, so that the rest of the network can have knowledge. Developed to give more security to digital transactions and protect against hacker attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to break the cryptography of the block in question and the previous one, in order to invade the network.

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records in the public Bitcoin book. This process stores the information about all the transactions, making sure there is a control of who made the payment and what is the destination of that payment.

The system is managed by software. When a new transaction block is created, the miners begin the process of taking information to the block, transforming that information into a random sequence of letters and numbers, known as hash. The hash is a biometric print responsible for ensuring that the information has not been violated.


To register, it is essential to create an account with your e-mail and password. After confirmation of the e-mail it is necessary to send your documents:

Full name;
Cell number with DDD;
Full address;
City and State;
Proof of address up to 3 months.
Note: The documents have to be loaded inside the platform. It’s just to access your account and go to “my account”.

  • Once the confirmation is received by email, the account will be available for use.
  • If the documentation is sent, there is a 48 hour deadline to validate these documents.
  • In case of error, please contact the support.

Requirements for creating the account on the platform:

18 full years (registration of minors will only be accepted if the minor has been emancipated, being necessary the presentation of the Certificate of Emancipation;
E-mail address on your behalf;
Date of birth DD / MM / YYYY.
Note: You will not be able to create more than one account with the same CPF.

“The provision of false information or improper use of third-party data in its own name constitutes a crime typified by the Brazilian Penal Code. In any such case, Intertradec may permanently suspend or terminate the access of the user in question, to all services and functionalities of the company, without prejudice to other measures that are guaranteed by the legislation in force.